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Successfully Managing Stress » Physical, Mental, and Emotional Warning Signs You’re Stressed Out

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Warning Signs You’re Stressed Out

by | Oct 10, 2021

Physical, Mental, and Emotional Warning Signs You're Stressed Out

We all know stress is part of life, and that it’s not good for us. But you might not necessarily recognize the signs you’re stressed out. These are the ways your body reacts to poorly managed stress and tries to tell you that you need to address it.

There are many physical, mental, and emotional warning signs you’re stressed out. Of course, everybody has their own particular mix of signs and symptoms of stress. Nobody will experience all of the ones listed below, and each person experiences their symptoms with varying frequency, duration, and severity.

It’s important to note that these symptoms and signs can also point to other health problems. So, if you’re experiencing several of them, it’s advisable to set up an appointment with your primary care doctor, who may want to order some tests just to check things out and rule out any specific concerns based on your symptoms and medical history.

But often, these are simply signs you’re stressed out, and that you need to be proactive about better managing your stress levels. There are plenty of natural ways to manage stress that you can try, and see if things improve. And take the time to regularly engage in self-care. If you need further help managing your stress, talk to your doctor about it or consult a mental health professional.

Physical Signs and Symptoms of Stress

  • You have chronic pain like headaches, neck aches, or back aches
  • You have stomachaches, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, or other digestive issues
  • You feel chest pain or like your heart is racing
  • You’re experiencing sweaty hands and feet or excessive perspiration
  • You’re clenching your jaw or fists or grinding your teeth
  • You’re biting your nails
  • You’re excessively fidgety or pacing
  • You can’t relax
  • You’re struggling to fall asleep or not sleeping well
  • You wake feeling unrested
  • You often feel exhausted
  • You’re low on energy
  • You have reduced appetite
  • You have reduced libido or difficulty having sex
  • You’re having acne breakouts
  • You have high blood pressure
  • You’re easily getting sick/have a weakened immune system

Mental Warning Signs You’re Stressed Out

  • Cognitive tasks feel harder or like an annoyance
  • You’re constantly worrying
  • You have trouble concentrating or focusing
  • You’re more distracted or forgetful
  • You’re more disorganized
  • You frequently have racing thoughts
  • You often feel overstimulated
  • You’re only interested in mindless activities
  • You’ve become more negative or pessimistic
  • You’re exercising poor judgment

Emotional Indications You’re Too Stressed

  • You’re losing interest in hobbies, socializing, or other fun activities
  • You’re neglecting your hygiene or self-care
  • You often feel anxious
  • You’re experiencing mood swings
  • You’re quick to anger or snap at people
  • You take things personally when you shouldn’t
  • You’re irritable or short on patience
  • You keep feeling disappointed by other people
  • You’re overeating or eating a lot of junk food
  • You’re drinking more alcohol, smoking more, and/or using drugs
  • You engage compulsively in behaviors like shopping, gambling, sex, etc.
  • You procrastinating excessively
  • You criticize yourself a lot
  • You’re depressed
  • You feel lonely or isolated
  • You feel hopeless about getting everything done
  • You feel like your life is out of control
  • You’re having panic attacks

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