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Dr. Almonte and her staff are incredible! She is the most empathetic psychiatrist that I’ve dealt with, she is knowledgeable while compassionate, takes time with the patient, always available in case of need. In addition, her office is immaculately clean and makes you feel comfortable. I had a severe condition and after 6 months of seeing her I’m almost back to my normal self. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

John H.

Living with both depression and anxiety, I was lucky to find Dr. Almonte soon after she opened up her practice in New Jersey in 2013. She was my psychiatrist for 5 years, when she moved to Florida. Dr. Almonte does a thorough intake when you first become a patient. She listens carefully to you during each session and asks thoughtful questions to learn more. Dr. Almonte works with every patient to find the most appropriate medication(s) and dosages for each individual. Dr. Almonte can also suggest innovative treatments, such as Transcranial Magnetic Imaging (TMS).

While I was her patient, I recommended Dr. Almonte to everyone I knew who was searching for a good psychiatrist. In addition to being a wonderful doctor, Dr. Almonte is a caring, compassionate person. Her office staff is professional and treats every patient with kindness and respect.

Anne Marie

If you are looking for an excellent Psychiatrist, Dr. Indhira Almonte is the one that I recommend. She is very caring and dedicated person. When I met her, I had major depression, anxiety and insomnia. In the past I had been with many psychiatrists and I used to feel hopeless. Dr. Almonte put me on the right medication to control my conditions. She also helped me to discover that I have been suffering from Sleep Apnea. Thanks to her I’m in maintenance treatment mode; that doesn’t mean that I’m cured but with the medication and being under her care I feel in control and much better from my insomnia.

Anny L.

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